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Editorial Statement

Nebraskaland Magazine, including its previous titles—Outdoor Nebraska, Outdoor NEBRASKAland, and NEBRASKAland—has been published since 1926 by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and its previous entities, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture Bureau of Game and Fish and the Nebraska Game, Forestation and Parks Commission.

What began as a 16-page quarterly pamphlet with an editorial staff of one has grown into a full-color 60-plus-page monthly subscription magazine created by an award-winning staff known for its breathtaking photography and informative, entertaining articles about Nebraska’s outdoor activities, history, parklands, people, and wildlife.

No one repository houses the entire run of Nebraskaland and the earliest issues of Outdoor Nebraska are especially rare. With the goal of presenting the magazine in its entirety, the Nebraskaland Magazine Digital Archive makes available page scans from print issues housed at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, both the University of Nebraska and Nebraska Wesleyan University libraries, as well as born digital documents created by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

At the time of project launch, the first 50 years of the magazine have been digitized, encoded, and made available through the digital archive. Additional years will be added as they become available. There will always be a one-year lag time between the current year and the latest year available through the digital archive. Additionally, some pages may be missing or incomplete and will be added as they are located. The content has been digitized using Optical Character Recognition and is not proofread or corrected. That said, we have attempted to proof and standardize headlines, bylines, and captions, and, whenever possible, paragraph breaks are added and end-line hyphenation removed from the editorial content. Advertising content and tables have been left as read by OCR. Page layout is not replicated in the textual transcriptions, but may be viewed in the page images.

To read the most current issue, for subscription information, and all other inquiries, please visit the Nebraskaland page on the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website.

Sensitive Content

As an archive comprised of historical materials published since 1926, some of the content contains racial and gender stereotypes. Likewise, some of the information presented regarding game, fish, wildlife, conservation, and outdoor recreation best practices is no longer current. While that content is presented without censure in an effort to make available the entire run of the magazine, we do so without necessarily endorsing the views represented at the time of their original publication.


The Nebraskaland Magazine Digital Archive as a whole—as well as the texts, images, and other items contained in it—are protected under the copyright laws of the United States and the Universal Copyright Convention.


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